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SafeRail™ Barriers

At Roof Safety Solutions we supply and install barriers to suit most applications whether the installation requires a standard off the shelf solution or one that is bespoke each barrier system will ensure that once trained, anyone working at height on your building will be safe.

Our SafeRail™ barrier range provides passive protection rather than just fall protection. This complies with the preferred roof edge safety option of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

With multiple anchoring options our SafeRailTM System may be installed onto traditional bitumen and single ply roofs or even onto metal decking systems. The free standing option ensures that the SafeRail™ System is installed penetration free, without compromising the roofs structural integrity.

To ensure that the Barriers compliment a building's aesthetics, our SafeRail™ System is available in a number of different materials including Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Glass Reinforce Plastic (GRP). Different finishes and colours are also an option, ensuring that function and design work together seamlessly.

Free Standing Barriers

Free Standing Barrier

Parapet Barrier

Parapet Barrier

Fixed Barrier

Fixed Barrier

Our SafeRail™ Range

Free Standing Barrier
No penetration of roof, flexible installation options.
Parapet Barrier
Extends the roof working area, ideal for all roof types, especially for small roofs where work area maybe restricted with other types of barrier systems.
Fixed Barrier
Used on all types of roofs and gantries, these are fixed and immovable once installed.
Collapsible Barrier
More aesthetically pleasing, this concealed solution is often a choice for listed or period style buildings where planning could be an issue.

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